It is time to disconnect to reconnect. We have included the very best of holistic destinations around the world that provides a refuge for your body and soul. All of our wellness retreats offer personalised treatments customised for you by professionals and a range of bespoke regimes to help you achieve your wellness goals. These transformations take place in world class accommodations that provide exceptional experiences for the duration of your journey to holistic balance. Through our exclusive and luxurious portfolio, discover a haven that suits your personal needs; we invite you to begin your journey into healing and self discovery.

Deep breath...and relax.

Detox Camp

Looking to cleanse your body and mind? Our selection of all-inclusive worldwide detox programmes advocate the promotion of health by managing and mitigating daily stresses through psycho-emotional support and mindful activities. Experts will guide you to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle with its exclusive programmes. Try a variety of therapies, from the traditional to the cutting edge, whilst staying in idyllic surroundings.

Temple Meditation

Finding inner peace has never been this accessible. Our all-inclusive meditation programmes take you to gorgeously zen temples where you can finally tune out the stresses of life. There you will be guided by Masters to learn to be at peace with yourself. Let yourself become physically calm, mentally balanced and emotionally stronger through these experiences.


The benefits of yoga are well known, and we are proud to recommend retreats that practice yoga in its completely pure and traditional form, where it will be
adapted and modified to suit individual needs. In our all-inclusive programmes, experienced teachers will design and lead a specific series tailored to your needs and aims.They will be your guide through your journey to health and happiness.


At the end of a long day, week, month, (whenever really), it is essential to give yourself a well-earned rest. With so many options around the world, we are here to do the heavy lifting for you and create a luxury spa break tailored to your specific needs. From high-end retreats with your closest friends through to romantic spa weekends for loved-up couples, there is a perfect package for everyone.

Hot Spring

The minute you immerse your body into a hot spring you will feel a truly magical experience. Not to mention the many healing benefits you get when dipping into the
mineral-rich waters. Whether you choose an Onsen in Asia or a geothermal spa across Europe, we are here to provide the best hot spring experience tailored exclusively for you.

Fitness Boot Camp

Whether it’s gaining muscles, losing weight or just keeping fit, going on a fitness holiday will do wonders for you. It is perfect for those who are already active and want to try something new, or for those looking to make a positive body change. Take your pick between Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and many more, with comfortable accommodation to soothe those tired muscles thrown into the mix. We also offer sport camps and quirky experiences such as introduction to Sumo Wrestling among others. Whatever tickles your fancy, we are ready to assist you with the perfect all-inclusive programme. It's time to get fit and maybe find a new passion!
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