With the world increasingly socially distanced and the demand for bespoke travel experiences rising, chartering your own transportation will soon be the norm for the most discerning travellers. Save time and stress by chartering your own private plane, or simply hit the road on your grand tour in a classic sports car. Whatever floats your yacht, we are here to recommend and organise your ideal voyage to anywhere in the world.

We are here to make the journey as important as the destination.

Boat Charters

The turquoise sea, the beaming sun and awesome company. The draws of a boat charter, hopping from island to island is simply incomparable. Working with the best yacht charter companies around the world, we are proud to organise private trips to help you realise your inner Captain Cook, or to make sure you have a full glass of rosé as you sail off into the sunset.

Private Jet

Remember all of those frustrations that happen when you fly commercial. We can eliminate that. Flying private encapsulates the golden era of aviation with its exclusive atmosphere of personalised luxury. We are here to provide you with top-notch private jet services directly to your destination of choice anywhere around the globe. Start your all-inclusive itinerary to your dream trip, travelling in style.

Driving Around

Taking to the road is extremely freeing. You can make your own rules, travelling where you like when you like, and there is always the option to change your plan, venture off the map and explore the road less travelled. We are here to help arrange car hire in your dream machine. Whether you are heading off on an epic journey across Route 66, coasting along the Garden Route, or looking for a totally unconventional driving holiday, we will get you on the road.

Cruise Holidays

No, not that kind. Our cruises are adventures to destinations as wild as can be. Try the Polar Bear sighting cruise in the Arctic, or go way down under and visit the penguins at the last frontier on Earth. If cold weather is not your thing, why not sail around the Galapagos, or embark on a luxury diving cruise and explore the underwater world?

Hot Air Balloons

Imagine being up in the air at dawn, watching the world wake up at your feet. There are truly not enough words to describe the feeling of being up on a hot air balloon. It is one of those bucket list moments where you can pause and take time to really enjoy the world beneath you from a whole new vantage point. All the hot air balloon operators we work with have been vetted, and all pilots have years of experience under their belts.

Train Journeys

There’s a certain romance associated with traveling by train. The steady and calming rhythm paired with the magnificent landscape outside often invoke images from great literature. Hop on board with us for an unforgettable journey through dramatic landscapes of the world, while indulging in a spot of old time glamour and maybe even write a story of your own.
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